Tuesday, 10 November 2009

First post...

I'm Caroline. I'm 21, overweight, and you may know me from here .

I've started this blog as I'm a woman on a mission - a mission to lose weight and up my fitness level. I'm not saying I'm hoping that in 3 years time I'm going to be some Olympic medal winning athlete, but I'm fed up of looking in the mirror and feeling physically sick at my appearance, fed up of heading straight for the jewellery/bag/makeup section as I know they don't discriminate where as clothes do, and just fed up of generally being a fatty. I'm not going to tell you my exact weight (infact, I don't really know it) as I don't like disclosing this information, but I am aiming for around 10 stone. I need somewhere to log my experiences/whinge about things, and hopefully I can find fellow bloggers who do the same.

Mmm a bit of history...
I was a skinny bean up until the age of abooouttt... 5? Maybe? Anyway, then I discovered Haribo and all things nice. I was never unfit when I was young - I went to private/public schools where there is a big emphasis upon sports and PE... so much so that some of my former class mates now play for the England hockey and rugby teams. I then reached year 3 at senior school (year 9) and I hated the competitiveness within sport at my school - and I hated the Saturday afternoon matches against other schools (yeah I had Saturday school!). So gradually, I became more and more uninterested in sport/fitness, and when I left school went to college/uni I have just become fatter and fatter. Then I learnt to drive at 17 and my general activity level dropped - to be fair, I live in the middle of nowhere and you're fucked without a car so I can get some slack for that.
Earlier this year in May (I think) I joined Slimming World. Don't get me wrong - the weight came off, roughly 3 pounds in the first week then 2-3 pounds in weeks after, but I got fed up with the fussyness. 'Healthy extra A healthy extra B' - 'no you can't have that as you're on a green day' etc. Mother and I also didn't like the fact that we paid £9 a week (between us) just to go for 5 minutes to be weighed. Plus the leader woman was a bitch - so we stopped going. I promised myself I would keep at it and weigh myself each week. Like fuck did I. I had this sudden feeling of 'Yes! No weigh in day so that scone won't hurt!'. I haven't weighed myself in about two months as I'm frightened of what I'll see. I know I have put on weight - I can tell from my double chin and my bingo wings, so now I'm planning to do something about it.

First of all obviously I will start with the food and up my intake of water. I'm going to plan meals and lower my portion sizes and also keep a food diary. I can't tell you right now what I'm going to eat tomorrow as its 12:20am and I smell like a dirty otter... an explanation will come next. I'm also *fingers crossed* going to join Weight Watchers on Monday to give myself a little boost and encouragement to get this weight off. My only problem is... I'm a university (I bet you're saying 'excuses, Caroline!') and I have a pretty tight schedule. Woe is me. I'll let you know next Monday if I did join..

Annnd why do I smell like an otter? Well, step one to upping my fitness levels is that I have started doing karate based kick boxing every Tuesday night. I went to a session a couple of weeks ago, but last week my lovely boyfriend infected me with this bloody cold and I was in bed all week so I had to miss it. Originally I wasn't going to go tonight because I was tired and grumpy and it was cold outside. But, I forced myself to go and I'm glad I did. They pushed us a LOT harder this time - I admit I had to sit out for some of the exercises as I'm still rumbly in my chest thanks to said cold. I'm pissed off at myself for sitting out, but I think it was for the best otherwise I may have vommed in the style of Stewie, Brian and Peter. I'm not as achey as I was last time thank God. You know when you look at old people and you think 'how can you not get up and down those stairs easy?' - well, I discovered how they feel after my first kick boxing session. I honestly felt like I was crippled. Everything became a major operation - peeing was the worst, and it took me about ten years to get down some stairs. I knew I was going to be achey - you can't go from lard arse to athlete in the space of two hours. Anyway, fingers crossed I'm not achey tomorrow. I'm enjoying them so much so far - everyone is friendly, and I like the discipline of it. I'm hoping to progress onto Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or Muay Thai once I'm comfortable with kick boxing and once my stupid tragus piercing has healed..

Anyway, I need to go to bed. I have uni tomorrow mah. I'll report back tomorrow night (if I remember) with yesterdays eatings.